Monday, 21 February 2011

Unstructured, spastic limbs.

Originality is an idealized concept. It does not exist (or, at least within the standards that have become normal); I would even go so far as to call it a modern-day myth.

Everything you've ever thought has been thought of once before, twice before, thrice before. Your piercings and your hair colour - they don't make you original, they don't all of a sudden turn you into some fantastic individual like no one else before. 

You're a girl and you play Black Ops? Wow, I applaud you for really going against the social norm. 
Or, alternatively, you're a boy and you don't play Black Ops? Please see above sarcasm.
You have a tattoo, a shaved head? Oh! You're a girl and you're IN THE ARMY? My goodness!
A boy makeup artist! How fascinating.
What do all those pieces of metal in your body mean? Oh, you just wanted something different..?
What about the other 29047230942390423 million people with the exact same piercing?
That doesn't seem too different.

Who we are, really are, does not lie within our physical appearance or even our actions, as most others would say. Not in our belongings, our money, our interests or non-interests.

Who we are sits within our interpretation of life, and our stories behind what we are given.
If you put five people in the same situation and let them go through it with their own thought patterns and instincts - every person will view it differently, and form a different story that goes with it, a different memory. And that, that is the true meaning of individuality, and the closest we will ever find ourselves to originality again.

Nothing we can physically do or try to do will all of a sudden make us a diamond in a world of coal. Why is it such a necessity to try and outshine others? No matter how loud you scream in the middle of the ocean, no one hears you - even with the soundcarrying aspect. Eventually, you sink just like every other drowning person. And we are all drowning.

Be who you are and shine in your own way, as dim or blinding as that may be. Go through your life living it to the absolute best of your ability. Create your own opinions, and stick to them. Don't break under pressure, and if people push you, shove back as hard as you possibly can. Protect your rights and walk with your fucking head held high - you are your own king or queen, and no one else can tear you down or take away your kingdom because your kingdom is inside of you. Write your own story by living it, because no matter how hard you try to be remembered, you will be forgotten, and all of your wasted effort on originality and individualization will be for naught.

Just live. Be.
It's the only form of something real that we have left.

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